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Foods that nourish your skin

Foods that nourish your skin

Come back soon to see the first in a serious of articles that will give you advice on how to...
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Keeping Safe

Keeping Safe

At Enhance we take your and our safety very seriously.  We have made all the necessary preparations to ensure you...
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    TREATMENTTREATMENT AREADescriptionTimePricePromotional PriceDiscount %
    LASER – IntimateCrack6 sessions£500£30040%
    LASER – IntimateBikini Line6 sessions£500£30040%
    LASER – IntimateHigh Bikini6 sessions£600£36040%
    LASER – IntimateBrazilian6 sessions£1,150£69040%
    LASER – IntimateHollywood6 sessions£1,300£78040%
    LASER – Upper BodyUnder arm6 sessions£670£40240%
    LASER – Upper BodyHalf Arm6 sessions£1,050£63040%
    LASER – Upper BodyFull Arm6 sessions£1,500£90040%
    LASER – Upper BodyShoulders6 sessions£1,000£60040%
    LASER – Upper BodyChest & Shoulders6 sessions£2,000£1,20040%
    LASER – Upper BodyStomach6 sessions£680£40840%
    LASER – Upper BodyChest & Stomach6 sessions£2,000£1,20040%
    LASER – Upper BodyNipples or Navel6 sessions£268£16140%
    LASER – Upper BodyNeck6 sessions£268£16140%
    LASER – Upper BodyFingers or Toes6 sessions£268£16140%
    LASER – Upper BodyFull Back6 sessions£2,333£1,40040%
    LASER – Lower BodyHalf Back6 sessions£800£48040%
    LASER – Lower BodyButtocks6 sessions£600£36040%
    LASER – Lower BodyHalf Leg6 sessions£1,100£66040%
    LASER – Lower BodyFull Leg6 sessions£1,600£96040%
    LASER – FACESide Burns6 sessions£260£15640%
    LASER – FACEOuter/Inner Ears6 sessions£250£15040%
    LASER – FACEUpper/Lower Lip6 sessions£350£21040%
    LASER – FACEChin6 sessions£350£21040%
    LASER – FACEFull Face6 sessions£1,300£78040%
    LASER – Full BodyFull Body6 sessions£4,300£2,58040%
    CRYO SLIMMINGCryo Slimming – Cryo Toning/Lift5 sessions50m£1,000
    CRYO SLIMMINGCryo Slimming5 sessions50m£1,400
    CRYO SLIMMINGCryo Slimming – Cryo Toning/Lift10 sessions50m£1,900
    CRYO SLIMMINGCryo Slimming10 sessions50m£2,600
    CRYO NON-SURGICAL FACE LIFTSCryo Face Lift1 session30m£150
    CRYO NON-SURGICAL FACE LIFTSCryo Face Lift5 sessions30m£600
    CRYO DOUBLE CHIN SLIMMINGCryo Slimming – Double Chin1 session15m£150
    CRYO DOUBLE CHIN SLIMMINGCryo Slimming – Double Chin5 sessions15m£600
    MICROPIGMENTATIONMicropigmentation – Eyebrows1h 15m£350£29915%
    FACIALSMurad Method™1h£80
    FACIALSAdvanced Murad Method™1h 15m£90
    MUSCLE TONINGMuscle Toning30m£20
    MANICURENail Polish Change10m£10
    MANICUREFile & Polish15m£15
    MANICUREStandard Manicure30m£20
    MANICUREDeluxe Manicure45m£37
    MANICUREFor gel manicure options see “shellac”
    PEDICUREToe Colour Change10m£10
    PEDICUREFile & Toe Polish15m£15
    PEDICUREStandard Pedicure30m£20
    PEDICURELuxury Pedicure45m£30
    PEDICUREFor gel pedicure options see “shellac”
    SHELLACShellac Removal15m£10
    SHELLACShellac Manicure45m£25
    SHELLACShellac Removal (our own) & Shellac Manicure1h£25
    SHELLACShellac Removal & Shellac Manicure1h£30
    SHELLACFrench Shellac Manicure1h£35
    SHELLACDeluxe Shellac Manicure (with paraffin wax)1h£35
    SHELLAC PEDICUREShellac Pedicure1h£38
    SHELLAC PEDICUREShellac Removal (our own) & Shellac Pedicure1h£38
    SHELLAC PEDICUREShellac Pedicure Removal & Reapplication1h£43
    SHELLAC PEDICUREFrench Shellac Pedicure1h 15m£40
    SHELLAC PEDICUREDeluxe Shellac Pedicure (with paraffin wax)1h 15m£45
    SHELLAC PEDICUREDeluxe Shellac Removal & Shellac Pedicure (with paraffin wax)1h 30m£50
    COMBO PACKAGESShellac Manicure & Pedicure (no water)1h 30m£50
    COMBO PACKAGESLuxury Shellac Manicure & Pedicure (with water)1h 45m£60
    COMBO PACKAGESLuxury Shellac Manicure & Pedicure Removal and Reapplication (with water)2h£67
    COMBO PACKAGESDeluxe Shellac Manicure & Pedicure (with paraffin wax)1h 45m£80
    COMBO PACKAGES6 Shellac Manicure Package45m£125
    WAXINGUpper Lip10m£5
    WAXINGUpper and Lower Lip10m£8
    WAXINGFull Face (sides/upper lip/chin)15m£28
    WAXINGFull Face + Eyebrows25m£30
    WAXINGFull Face + Eyebrows & Neck30m£34
    WAXINGUpper Back15m£14
    WAXINGLower Back10m£25
    WAXINGFull Arm20m£26
    WAXINGHalf Arm15m£20
    WAXINGFull Leg30m£35
    WAXING3/4 Leg20m£28
    WAXINGUpper Leg15m£26
    WAXINGLower Leg15m£23
    WAXINGBikini Line15m£23
    WAXINGExtended Bikini20m£26
    WAXINGFull Brazilian25m£32
    WAXINGFull Hollywood25m£35
    LVL LASHESLVL Lashes1h£60
    THREADINGUpper Lip5m£5
    THREADINGLower Lip5m£4
    THREADINGUpper & Lower Lip10m£8
    THREADINGForehead5mFrom £4
    THREADINGFull Face (upper lip/chin/forehead/side burns)20m£24
    THREADINGFull Face + Eyebrows25m£28
    THREADINGFull Face + Eyebrows & Neck35m£32
    TINTINGEyebrow Tinting5m£9
    TINTINGEyelash Tinting15m£18
    TINTINGEyebrow & Eyelash Tinting25m£26
    EYELASH EXTENSIONSEyelash Extensions – Classic Semi-Permanent2h£110£9018%
    EYELASH EXTENSIONSEyelash Extensions – Cluster Lashes45m£60£4525%
    MAKEUPDay Makeup1h 10m£60
    MAKEUPEvening Makeup1h 10m£70
    MAKEUPBridal Makeup (trial run included)1h 10m£100
    MALE GROOMINGEyebrow Wax10m£15
    MALE GROOMINGEyebrow Thread10m£12
    MALE GROOMINGGlabella – (In Between Eyebrows) Wax5m£7
    MALE GROOMINGNose Wax5m£15
    MALE GROOMINGEar Wax5m£12
    MALE GROOMINGBeard Line Wax5m£10
    MALE GROOMINGChest Wax15m£30
    MALE GROOMINGShoulder Wax15m£30
    MALE GROOMINGUpper Back Wax15m£20
    MALE GROOMINGLower Back Wax30m£20
    MALE GROOMINGUpper Leg Wax15m£30
    MALE GROOMINGLower Leg Wax15m£15
    MALE GROOMINGChest & Half Back45m£38
    MALE GROOMINGFull Leg Wax25m£37
    MALE GROOMINGFull Chest Wax20m£40
    MALE GROOMINGFull Arm Wax20m£20
    MALE GROOMINGFull Back Wax25m£45
    MALE GROOMINGFull Back & Shoulders Wax35m£55
    MALE GROOMINGFull Hollywood Wax40m£55