Faradic Machine Muscle Toning

Faradic Machine Muscle Toning

carlton faradic muscle toning

Faradic technology is a form of electrical stimulation that uses a higher intensity current than microcurrent stimulation and so is ideally suited for firming and toning body muscles.

Faradic technology can be used for the toning of wasted muscles, and for stimulating the blood supply in wasted limbs. When applied aesthetically faradic therapy is traditionally used for body contouring, slimming and toning. A typical 20 minute stomach treatment is the equivalent of doing 300 perfect sit ups

muscle toning whilst you lie down

Well known as electrical muscle stimulation, this treatment is used to tone and tighten the muscles of the body. The great thing about this treatment is that the client lies on the couch and the muscles are exercised for them. In addition to that, the treatment can treat muscles in one area creating an intensive effect. So for those of us who do not enjoy physical exercise this is the answer. One important point, this treatment will not increase the heart rate therefore cannot be classed as a cardio-vascular form of exercise.

what is a faradic machine?

The Carlton Professional Body Faradic machine (CC2310) enables the therapist to perform a toning or relaxing treatment on the muscles of both the lower and upper body,

Named after Michael Faraday, the treatment uses alternating low frequency surged and interrupted currents which cause nerve and muscle stimulation. The aim of the treatment is to intensively exercise individual muscles or groups of muscles to firm and tone them.

This ‘passive’ form of exercise stimulates the nerves and causes muscle contractions , firming, toning and strengthening the muscles and helping to reshape the contours of the client’s body.

other benfits of using the faradic toning machine

Other benefits include improved blood circulation and lymph flow, as a result of the pumping action caused by the muscle contractions, as well as an increase in the metabolic rate, improving the condition of the muscles. The treatment is particularly beneficial for clients with weak muscle tone, who wish to tone up, or for those who already have good muscle tone to further enhance this via deep muscle work. Like all products within the Carlton

what does the treatment consist of

The treatment involves pads strapped to the area to be treated. The pads deliver a low faradic current into the skin and muscles stimulating nerve ending to provide a muscle contraction. The muscles will contract at regular intervals as selected by the Therapist. The treatment is comfortable, many clients finding the sensation relaxing. It is necessary to have regular treatments to reinforce the effects. It is an advantage for the client to follow an exercise routine to reinforce the effects of this treatment.