Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are an effective treatment used for smoothing wrinkles and lines caused naturally by aging and the rigours of life. As our skin loses collagen over time, the facial skin can sag and lose shape. Dermal fillers counteract this by replacing lost soft tissue to plump and firm up your skin. The use of local anaesthetic makes the tiny injections virtually painless, and with little downtime, you can have fuller, healthier-looking skin within minutes.

Consultations are free and 1 hour long. Call in to arrange a time with our doctor.

Treatment Time Price
1 Syringe (Light Lines) 40m £300
2 Syringes (Medium Lines) 40m £550
3 Syringes (Deep Lines) 40m £700

Anti Wrinkle injections

Cosmetic injectables (often known as Botox™ or botulinum toxin fillers) have been around since the 80s and just like gold lamé they're still going strong. It has become famous in recent years as the celebrity solution to fine lines, crow's feet and wrinkles. By relaxing the facial muscles that cause your skin to crease, the treatment aims to smooth out the furrows on your face, chin and neck. It can even be used to treat excessive perspiration - so no need to be a sweaty Betty (or Berty) anymore- and persistent tooth grinding (thanks to its muscle tension-reducing properties).
Treatment Time Price
Single Area 30m £190
Two Areas 30m £260
Three Areas 30m £320
Additional Areas 30m £50
Crows Feet 30m £190
Forehead Lines 30m £190
Glabella/Frown Lines 30m £190
Bunny Lines 30m £195
Chemical 'Brow Lift' 30m £195
Dimpled Chin 30m £195
Perioral/Smoker's Lines 30m £195
DAO release (Lifting corner of the mouth) 30m £200
Gummy Smile 30m £200