Male Grooming

Male waxing is no longer reserved for athletes nor is it a taboo, as apparently 1 in 3 men have integrated manscaping into their beauty routine. Sugaring, hot wax or wax strips are all waxing techniques that will leave you stubble free for up to four weeks. Smooth! Call in to book if you would like details of the treatment.
Treatment Time Price
Eyebrow Wax 10m £15
Eyebrow Thread 10m £12
Glabella - (In Between Eyebrows) Wax 5m £7
Nose Wax 5m £15
Ear Wax 5m £12
Beard Line 5m £10
Chest Wax 15m £30
Shoulder Wax 15m £30
Upper Back 15m £20
Lower Back Wax 30m £20
Upper Leg 15m £30
Lower Leg 15m £15
Chest & Half Back 45m £38
Full Leg 25m £37
Full Chest Wax 20m £40
Full Arm 20m £20
Full Back Wax 25m £45
Full Back & Shoulders 35m £55
Full Hollywood 40m £55