Vascular Lesions

Vascular Lesions

What is the treatment of Dermatological Vascular Lesions?

Red and blue vessels located on the face and lower limbs represent some of the most common imperfections afflicting people of all ages throughout the world. The laser treatment of dermatological vascular lesions takes advantage of the selective absorption of specific laser wavelengths by blood. The treated area generally turns rosy or red-blue temporarily. This effect will normally disappear over time, leaving the skin intact.

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To whom is it recommended?

It is indicated for the treatment of patients with superficial blood vessels like capillaries, telangiectasias and rosacea.
The laser system permits also to treat blue capillaries of intermediate dimensions.

What is the preparation for the treatment?

You will have to avoid sunlamps or sun exposure for at least two months before the session. It is also highly suggested to undergo this kind of treatment during the seasons when the sun is less intense like autumn, winter and beginning of spring.

Vascular Lesions
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How many treatments are necessary?

In general, an effective capillary treatment requires from two to three sessions to be repeated at one to three months intervals, depending on the specific case.

How long does a session last?

The duration of each session can vary based on the area to be treated.

Vascular Lesions
Vascular Lesions

Is the treatment painful?

The treatment involves a light burning sensation that ends immediately after the laser pulse. This sensation is never excessively painful because the laser is equipped with a powerful cooling system capable to make the treatment easily tolerable.

What to do after the treatment?

An erythema will appear near the treated area and it will normally disappear few hours after the treatment.
You can apply cold packs and lenitive creams on the treated skin.
The treated capillaries might turn dark, this will become less visible and disappear completely even after the first session.
You need to avoid sun exposure or sunlamps for the entire treatment time until the complete skin normalization.

Vascular Lesions
Vascular Lesions

What results to expected?

The laser treatment permits to improve and even remove visible skin capillaries.
Please be aware that the duration of the results will depend on the patient’s skin conditions and characteristics.